Urbanflow: Elemental

Sunday 24 March


URBANFLOW is a streetdance company founded in 2012.

WE have been working very hard to bring you another energetic dance show of hiphop, breaking, house and other styles.  Acknowledging the real challenges we face and celebrating our strengths that we have.

Elemental is just that. We are showing and understanding how are mind, body and soul are all so important to us, to connect and to connect with one another. Dance is a therapy in itself. Movement frees and releases our energy. We can express ourselves where words can’t. WE can all feel up and down and slip into places we don’t want to be. It’s important to acknowledge this and wave your hand and say I’ve been there. YOU WILL get through it. YOU are not alone. URBANFLOW family is your friend. We connect. We laugh. We learn. We progress and develop our strength of mind and our dance. Here you are not alone. Let go, be you. No judgement. Leave your cares at the door and dance it out.

Prices & Booking

£10; £7 U16 (includes £1.00 booking fee)

Sun 24 Mar

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Important Information

Under 3 sit on lap